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You are showering everyday, clean your house regularly, wash your clothes, but what are you doing for your mind ? Just like the external environment, our mind can become cluttered with beliefs and information, that don’t longer serve us. Our subconscious programs keep accumulating and running our life, without us realizing it.

Do you always attract the same situation in your life ? in romance ? at work ? Do you feel small, unworthy, overwhelmed, unsupported ? The answer is in your subconscious.

Based on our environment, education, background, family, we accumulate beliefs that may have been useful in a specific situation but start limiting us if we keep believing in them subcounsciously. They get stronger as we age and we end up in the same negative loop making us feel trapped in a vicious circle.

By opening the communication between your conscious and subconscious brain thanks to self hypnosis, these beliefs can be understood, integrated and reprogrammed to gain clarity and stop running on autopilot.

Feeling stucked ?

Let me guide you to unblock your limiting subconscious beliefs and patterns ?

Initial session: 2 hours

The first session will start with a discussion on the situation where you feel limited. After we have identify the root of the block, we will proceed with an energetic body work to ground and prepare your body for hypnosis. The hypnosis will reprogram your blocking subconscious belief.

Follow-up session: 1 hour

The follow-up session focus only on body work and hypnosis if you feel you need additional extra help to unblock.