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You clean your living space, your body, but what about your mind? Declutter your thoughts, find clarity and move forward consciously. My intention is to guide you to listen to the messages of your body and mind so that you can become conscious of what’s blocking you and progress in the direction you chose.

I study yoga, Ayurveda and NLP believing in body, mind and heart connection.


Feeling stuck? Lets me guide you to unblock your limiting subconscious beliefs and patterns.


A weekly reflection to inspire you on your introspection journey.


I didn’t know what to expect because it was my first time trying Neuro Linguistic Programmation (NLP). Wow! Irina took the time to listen actively and together, we found what was blocking me from my past. With just a simple exercise, she has helped me to understand a deep rooted pattern from my childhood which was the fear of failure, and subconsciously blocking me to move forward. Its actually crazy what she has done in just one session. Almost magical!